Healing Voice

About Us

Healing Voice Ministries is a Diplomatic Service of the Kingdom of God commissioned to:

– Be Ambassadors of the life changing message and power of Jesus Christ through song and the word with signs and wonders following.

– Shift regions out of the grips of religious control and complacent pursuits of God through the power released in worship.

– Invigorate the depleted soul by leading it to the well that never runs dry, through times of extended intimate worship.

We are a unifying non-denominational ministry that embraces, and ministers to, all streams within the body of Christ that proclaim Jesus is Lord to the glory of God the Father.


To be a voice of healing and hope provoking the earth, usually by specific regions at a time, to experience fellowship with God through worship all by His grace & LOVE.


To see regions, generations, and cultures experience deep times of intimacy in worship, most often, through the ministry’s Flagship InFuse meetings.


InFuse Meetings


The Flagship event hosted by Healing Voice Ministries is a High Impact Worship Experience designed to Empower and Activate the believer! The tangible fruit of these meetings are most often destiny revealed, strategies given, sicknesses healed, and lives empowered to live out a greater commitment of servitude.